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March 27, 2024

similarity threshold, by default, which is extremely sensitive. For large websites, this might be a high percentage that necessitates extensive auditing. Alternatively, you can lower the similarity level to help filter and.locate duplicates that are more bloat-indicative and SEO-harmful. PRUNING URLS CONTRIBUTING TO INDEX BLOAT Once you’ve established which URLs are causing index bloat or appear redundant and or duplicate .The following step is to trim them. This is when an or ganised spreadsheet containing pertinent metrics. Comments and action items comes in handy.

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Before eliminating them all at once from the indexes    these URLs and how they should be pruned. Some URLs for example may be Spain Phone Number Data gaining organic traffic or backlinks. Removing them completely  rather than.. Redirecting  them may result in the loss of all SEO value that could have been kept and given to other sites. Here are a few ways to assess the value of URLs which can then help you determine how they should be pruned. Review organic metrics in Google Analytics .Euch as organic search traffic  conversions  user and engagement to better gauge how much. SEO value a URL has. Review All so you don’t accidentally prune content that’s driving business value. More about this is below.

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In Google Search Console, use Performance Search Results to see how certain pages perform across different queries. Near the top are filter options  by default  we prefer to review at least Thailand Phone Number List months of data at a time to account for seasonality Add a Page filter to show the search performance of specific URLs of interest. In addition to impressions and clicks from search, you can click into each URL to see if they rank for any specific queries. Use the Link Score metric  value range of   from the SEO Spider Crawl Analysis. URLs that have a very low Link Score typically indicate  page that could perhaps be pruned via redirect or

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