What is the relationship between the Customer Journey

March 24, 2024

Branding What are the stages of the What is the Customer Journey? ADVERTISEMENT We can imagine different days depending on the characteristics of the public, the market or the business itself. However, in a Content Marketing strategy, we usually work with four essential stages: learning and discovery: the consumer still does not understand their problem very well and your company must help them do so; solution consideration: your leads are already aware of the problem and start looking for more details and solutions; purchase decision: your leads are analyzing the available solutions and becoming sales opportunities; loyalty: your sales opportunities finally become customers and maintain the relationship with your brand.

What are the stages of the Customer Journey

For each of these steps, there is an appropriate Latvia WhatsApp Number List way to communicate and carry out your marketing actions, as you can see in our infographic . What is the relationship between the Customer Journey and What is the the sales funnel? In Inbound Marketing , the Customer Journey plays a key role in building the sales funnel . The steps illustrated in the two models are equivalent. However, when we talk about the Customer Journey, we analyze the process from the consumer’s point of view. In the sales funnel we have the vision of the company, that is, its objectives in each phase. These are: attract: attract potential customers to your website or blog through relevant content; convert: convert your visitors into leads (relationships and sales contacts); sell: nurture and convert leads into customers; enchant: invest in relationships and after-sales actions to build customer loyalty.

When we talk about the Customer Journey

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As you can see, the objective of the sales Latvia Phone Number List funnel What is the is to guide the content production, service and sales of companies to support your leads throughout their entire purchasing journey. These models are very useful, either to design robust strategies or to align different business teams, especially Marketing and Sales . However, it would be somewhat naive to imagine that all your clients follow this path in exactly the same way, as some already have extensive knowledge on the subject and go directly to the bottom of the funnel. ADVERTISEMENT There are also those who come to your blog through consideration materials and then return to the attraction content. In any case, we should not be too rigid with people’s trajectories; The important thing is that your company is prepared to serve consumers at different stages of their journey.

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