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March 25, 2024

Big G updates its policy on online product reviews by (unfortunately) blindly relying on artificial intelligence With millions of reviews generated every day, the problem of fake reviews has become an increasingly central challenge. And Google announced its answer: harnessing artificial intelligence . rather than being a solution, appears rather to be a clear example of indiscriminate use of machines, a modus operandi that could have even worse consequences than the problem it aims to solve.

In this article I will tell

You my opinion on Google’s The fact is that this move  position by analyzing the obvious limits of Mountain View’s strategy and its misplaced trust in artificial intelligence. The war against AI-generated reviews After the news relating to the privacy policy , Google has updated its policy relating to online Australia Data reviews , effective from 28 August 2023, reacting to the alleged spread of reviews generated by AI.

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The fact is that this move seems to intend to commit to finding these judgments using methods that combine the use of artificial intelligence and human intervention. In essence, ad hoc Australia Phone Number will be used, while specially trained experts will deal with the most complex cases to verify their authenticity. The change also specifies how the company intends to act against any violations, i.e. ” disapproving violating content or a violating review, as well as issuing warnings or suspending accounts for repeated or egregious violations. Translated, “disavowing content or reviews that violate the policy, as well as warning or suspending accounts for repeated or serious violations”. In this case, Google seems to distance itself from the wild use of AI and act to put a stop to this trend, while at the same time defending the value of reviews and genuine judgments produced by human users.

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