Entrepreneurial Attitude: The Entrepreneur Gene

March 3, 2024

It’s a shame, but even today in Spain. There are many more university students who prefer. Civil servants than the-entrepreneur-gene those who want to start a business . In our country we lack a culture of entrepreneurship, something that conditions the entrepreneurial attitude of the population. Our education has not been planned for this, and we also tend to undervalue ourselves; It is difficult for us to take off the “Calimero” helmet. But, while it is good to be humble and know how to listen to learn, we must also realize that the Latin world is very creative, and that is the basis that allows us to find a need and design its solution.

They are entrepreneurs by nature

However, the crisis has caused many others to consider the possibility of starting a business, without knowing whether or not they are prepared to do so, in terms of attitude . Entrepreneur or Find Your Mobile Number List Businessman? First of all, let’s clear things up. The word entrepreneur is, to a large extent, a euphemism to avoid the word entrepreneur, which is often given negative connotations. On the contrary, the term entrepreneur is nicer, it has more glamor but, really, an entrepreneur becomes a businessman as soon as the blinds go up for the first time. If when reading the word “businessman” the image of a man with a top hat, a pointed mustache and a cigar between his fingers has come to mind, forget it. That’s the man who appears in Monopoly. From now on, when you hear the term “entrepreneur.

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Remember that, to start a business, it is not necessary

Humble and have a business and that should deserve the utmost respect(1). What is an Entrepreneur An entrepreneur is someone. With concerns , who wants to direct his life down Egypt Telegram Number to the last detail.  Someone who wants to work for himself instead. Working for others, someone who risks an important part of his assets. Someone who eliminates the boundaries between personal life and professional life. When you “start up” you become an entrepreneur.  And your company begins to occupy part of your thoughts. That both the joy of triumphs and the worries when there are difficulties, go with you everywhere and at all times. Seen this way, it’s almost scary. But then, what is a born entrepreneur looking for.

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