The annual conference of the North American

March 21, 2024

YMCA Development Organization (NAYDO) was held in Austin, TX this year. The conference brings together YMCA staff and developers to gather together to network, learn, and grow through workshops, keynote speakers, and networking opportunities. This spring, BellXcel introduced Arly, the official name of its youth program management solution, to attendees of the NAYDO Conference. Attendees learned how Arly integrates all of the essential ingredients for creating and managing high-quality youth experiences with proven impact. Dr. Lauren Sanchez Gilbert, CEO of BellXcel, alongside Damon Johnson, Chief Impact Officer, and Sasha Trosh, Associate Vice President, Philanthropic Partnerships, took participants through the three key ingredients for fundraising success: finding your evidence, telling your story, and showing your impact.

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The time to evaluate the Belgium Telegram Number Data significance of a program by first thinking through why it exists, who it helps and how to know if the program isNAYDO successful. The standing-room-only crowd left the workshop feeling energized and engaged, excited to take these tips back to their programs. Arly by BellXcel is already confirmed as a returning exhibitor in 2024. sg roadmap basic Looking for the right funding solutions for your program? Download this straightforward, visually engaging roadmap to start building a solid fundraising strategy! DOWNLOAD OUR FUNDRAISING ROADMAP Look for Arly by BellXcel next at the YMCA General Assembly this July.

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Look for signs that teachers are Brazil Telegram Number fostering a positive learning environment. This includes qualities that make learning fun and effective such as student-centered classroom practices and plenty of collaboration and feedback. You should also look beyond the quality of instruction to classroom management practices. How effectively are teachers or volunteers handling behavior challenges? Student Behavior and Achievement You can also look for signs of student success. This includes quantitative data such as test scores or frequency of behavior reports, as well as qualitative data such as students’ own attitudes toward learning. While there are plenty of factors to consider, professional development should ultimately lead to better student outcomes in your program. Consider using a combination of these methods and frequently gathering data on key aspects of your program so you get a fuller picture of how professional development is impacting your program’s success.


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