Why do I tell this story to these people through this data

March 23, 2024

Highlight the insights As we have already mentioned, making data more accessible it is very useful to express a point of view or sell an idea. It is essential that you identify what is the main information that your data storytelling is trying to transmit. Without it, there is a good chance that it is a data visualization content rather than a story. This moment insight” in which we create a framework for the disclosure of information, generally arises from the combination of two or more data sets. Determining a goal for data storytelling can be helpful: do you want to inspire your audience or do you prefer to tell a fun story? Combine words with images Telling a data storytelling does not mean that we must tell a story without words.

Combine words with images Telling a data storytelling

Upside down, words should be used to make Poland Phone Number List  the images be even more attractive. At the same time that you want to reduce the cognitive load of your audience, you want to highlight the information that you need to keep in their minds, so presenting it through text and images has its advantages. Make it shareable If you want your story reach more people, you must create them so that be simple to share. ¿How do we do that? Two characteristics are essential here: The first is the visual appeal, of course. Discover the tastes of your audience and identifies formats and design patterns that are most suitable for them.

Why should they care

Second, don’t underestimate Canada WhatsApp Number List the context. ¿Why do I tell this story to these people through this data? In other words, why should they care? It won’t matter how beautiful or interactive be your story if you are addressing something that your consumer does not want to hear about. 3 examples from Data Storytelling Now that you know what relevant data a good storytelling should have, let’s look at 3 great examples of well-established brands that presented information through a combination of data and narrative. one. Spotify The annual campaign “Wrapped” could be one of the best examples of interactive data storytelling of all time.

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