How to find a profitable niche for your blog Blogging

March 21, 2024

If you find yourself on this article, you are probably asking yourself the same question. This is in fact one of the first things that must be defined when we want to launch a new blog since the niche is one of the parameters that will influence the success (or failure!) of the project. So let’s see what a niche is, how to choose one and how to validate our idea. What are we talking about in this article? What is a blog niche? When you decide to create a blog , it is important first to define the niche we are targeting.

How big does a niche need to be to be profitable

A niche is a topic area around Netherlands WhatsApp Number Data which all of your blog content will revolve. What is the main topic you want to cover? Who are the readers of that topic? This is exactly what is meant by niche. The niches can tend to be infinite : cooking, travel, do-it-yourself, photography… The more specific the niche, therefore verticalised on a single topic, the more your blog increases the chances of success. “But if I address everyone, it’s easier to earn, right?” Wrong . And the reason is very simple.

What are the most profitable niches

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If you want to position Canada WhatsApp Number List yourself in a very competitive sector, such as the travel sector for example, the competition is very high and you will have to compete with giants who have a huge team and a lot of money to invest. This means that you will only get a fraction of the people interested in the topic. If, however, you are targeting a more specific and more verticalized niche , such as “hot air balloon trips in Peru”, then the competition is significantly lower and you will be able to position yourself better. It is true that the number of interested people will be more limited but probably all those who are interested in taking a hot air balloon trip in Peru will not search on generalist sites but will come to you.

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