Why optimize content for Google Discover

March 25, 2024

With this information, the algorithms Why optimize content determine, in a completely personalized way, what content should appear in Google Discover for each user. Plus, Google understands that it doesn’t always get it right. Therefore, the application relies on user collaboration to create a more relevant content source. For this, there are several options to customize your feed. ADVERTISEMENT On the application page, you can inform the type of content you want to receive, you can also tell Google what topics you are interested in. For certain topics you search on Google, the search engine displays a “follow” button. If you click on it, you will start receiving content related to that topic.

What topics you are interested in

We use as an example a search for “recipes”, for which Google displays a selection of “Interesting Finds”. By expanding this section, we can Philippines Telegram Number Data see suggestions from Google Discover articles on the topic. The app also offers the option to manage interests, so you can see all the topics you are following and choose if you want to hide any of them. ADVERTISEMENT Why optimize content for Google Discover? So, now you know how Google Discover works. As a user you can take advantage of the application’s suggestions, but as a Marketing professional: did you realize that you can take advantage of this feature in SEO strategies.

When Google Discover launched

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The reach potential is great: When Google Nigeria Telegram Number Discover launched, the official announcement said that Google Feed already had 800 million monthly users. HubSpot reports that some sites saw spikes in mobile access in 2019. When investigating why, they realized that much of the source of the access was Google Discover. In the case of the Vogue website, for example, visits through Discover even surpassed traffic through organic search. In our own blog we have already seen content that had been published a few hours ago and that began to work in our top 10 most visited content in real time. And this has already happened with news, complete guides and various other types of formats.

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