So bold that he asks Chen Ziyao about the “dark face” rumors at the awards ceremony

So bold that Zi Yi and Nuo Yi both admit that they are not romantic people, and Nuo Yi even revealed her unromantic proposal experience: “I woke up Qu (his wife) to propose. I asked the master to get married, but if we don’t get married. We have to wait for three years.Later, I booked a proposal at a mountaintop restaurant. Although he knew it and I didn’t know it, it was really awkward to see. The box of the proposal ring sticking out of my trouser pocket. My wife said it was really romantic!” She said that she was much better than No. Yi: “I proposed (proposing) before I went to bed.” No.

Fortunately,a brother knew

Yi continued that she almost lost her wedding ring on the wedding day. She was so frightened that she once said, “After the wine was served the night after the wedding. I I was so drunk that I didn’t know where the ring was!  about it, so he Asia Mobile Number List helped me pack it up early in the morning!” The two will also reveal the truth about not wearing a wedding ring on the show, so pay close attention to the last episode tonight. Collection of “Hong Kong Aftermath”.Elaine admitted that she still has a longing for love, but she will not force it. She said: “It’s not about finding someone to get married to, but about meeting someone who suits you.

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As a single aristocrat

I don’t want to apply for a job. For me, “Marriage is a lifelong matter.” Winki asked her if she had ever met someone she wanted to marry. Elaine said frankly: “But looking back, that person is not the person I can go with. Maybe I have.” Eventually you Canada Phone Number List will get divorced. When you are unhappy and confused, when these people come out, it is usually wrong, because when you are most lost, as long as someone comes out, you will feel that they are good. After experiencing these things, you will realize that if it is right, it is right, and if it is not right, it is not right.

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