How to Create a Mindfully Managed Site Visit for Schools and Youth Programs

March 23, 2024

Open houses and site visits can be excellent ways to attract potential donors or partners. And keep existing stakeholders invested in your programming. Whether you’re focused on enhancing your fundraising strategies, community engagement, or family involvement, an open house or site visit may be the answer. The best open houses require some planning to ensure the logistics run smoothly and that you get your guests excited about your youth program. Let’s look at six important aspects of planning and execution that go into a mindfully managed open house. 1. Start with the big picture. Before you get into the details, start broad. Think about the purpose of your open house and what you want guests to take away. For instance, you may decide you want to highlight certain outcomes to demonstrate your program’s value to donors, or you want to show potential partners how you get kids excited about music or science through fun activities.

Whatever your purpose is it should inform How to Create

The rest of your event planning and Kuwait Telegram Number Data overall fundraising strategy. 2. Invite the right guests. For an open house, it’s safe to assume that only about a quarter of the folks you invite will actually attend, so you can invite several times as many people as you would ideally want to be in attendance. Consider opening the invitation to any stakeholders who may benefit from learning more about your program. If there are participants you consider VIPs who you especially want to be there, check with these guests early in the planning process to see if your proposed date works, and then work around their schedule if needed to ensure they can make it. (If they can’t, consider offering a 1:1 site visit at a later date and give them a private tour.

Identify the ideal day for your event

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There are a few different approaches Egypt Telegram Number to choosing a day for your open house. You can set aside a special day and time for activities, learn days to avoid to boost attendance or if your program is in full swing, you can simply pick a day when participants can see your program in action. A slice-of-life approach can be an easy and effective way to share your impact. You can also choose a special event like a field day to double as an open house. However, keep in mind that you want some staff to focus solely on the open house rather than have their attention divided between it and other activities. 4. A schedule and stick to it. Both your team and your guests will benefit from your open house adhering to a schedule.

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