Gartner’s material is valuable

March 24, 2024

Gartner’s material is valuable and provides information so that different companies and professionals have a broad vision of the technological landscape of Marketing today. However, you can also map your own Marketing Technology Stack to illustrate the tools used in your business specifically.  Feel free to create your visual format, but make sure it’s clear and well structured. Although their purpose sounds abstract, these representations help us understand operations, identify bottlenecks, and obtain valuable information to improve strategies. Follow the guidelines below to make your marketing technology map really effective.

Set a goal for your map

Set a goal for your map The essential purpose Argentina WhatsApp Number List of your map is to clearly show the various marketing operations that involve your business. However, given a certain result, we can provide more elements to help us make decisions in this regard. Your company mayFor example, want. Increase business productivity. detail all business activities and processes to identify.  Improve the customer experience Document the entire day made by the consumer .And highlight areas with the lowest performance to provide improvements.

Reduce costs: clarify the functions and results of each technology used

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Reduce costs: clarify the functions and Brazil Telegram Number results of each technology used in the business to identify duplicate or expendable services. Increase income: finds bottlenecks in communication and sales processes to shorten consumer travel. rock content magazine experience and engagement List all items to be used Once the approach is defined we can collect the information that will be drawn on the map. Ideally, start with a segmented list of topics and subtopics defined by the type of technology used or the marketing functions they perform.

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