Make infographics to detail products or services

March 24, 2024

For this reason, applying them will allow you to strategically manage people, encouraging them to advance through the stages of maturation until reaching the purchase decision with a high probability of saying “yes”. Additionally, when they are interactive, ebooks optimize the experience and are even more specific when resolving questions and concerns. And interactive digital books focus on the answer that the reader is looking for, since they change as the user interacts with them. These ebooks include sections, questions and different windows that the person can access according to their interest. ADVERTISEMENT 5. Use virtual simulators for the user to test the product There is no doubt that electronic commerce has grown by leaps and bounds. In Mexico , for example, its penetration increased by 28.6% in 2019 alone.

Use virtual simulators for the user to test the product

Although it is on top of the world and is Mexico WhatsApp Number List highly valued, ecommerce, like any modern element, still needs to overcome certain objections from some users . since it is developed virtually and remotely, the user does not have the possibility of trying the products and services they will use, as happens in physical or traditional commerce. Luckily, if you build an interactive ecommerce and include virtual simulators, they will no longer have this argument against you. In the clothing industry, for example, top fashion stores offer interactive fitting rooms on their websites, so people can see how they will look in certain products.

Employ quizzes to understand customer or user maturity

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Also, software companies provide interactive Saudi Arabia Phone Number List demos of their platforms and tools, so that people can explore their functionalities and scope without the need for in-person demonstrations. 6. Use quizzes to understand the maturity of the client or user Quizzes are an important element of Big Data in e-commerce . Thanks to these you will be able to obtain information from your users, which you must then analyze precisely to transform it into concrete and coherent decisions. Especially, an interactive quiz will show you the level of maturity of the user or client about your product or topics of interest to your brand. In this way, you will have the possibility of adjusting and directing commercial and sales processes to the real needs of people and their levels of knowledge, optimizing resources and promoting a greater volume of business opportunities.

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