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March 25, 2024

In order to train its algorithms. It has even changed its policies to allow this, and when you accept them without reading, because I know you do, you are essentially giving Google itself permission to take the content of your site and use it to directly answer user queries. We must not fear these changes, but learn to use them to our advantage. Artificial intelligence can help us spread valuable messages, if we start from solid content and reflect on what we want to communicate. Let’s not be content with producing content of little value just because we can : artificial intelligence should be used to amplify our voice, not to replace it with that of software.

And this is where the real magic

Comes in my opinion. This is the key to understanding that I would like to offer. Let’s get back to the basics: what do we really have to say to people? Who are we addressing? If we answer these questions and use the tools at our disposal to multiply and spread our message , we will automatically increase our visibility. Never before have we had such a powerful means at our disposal. of your hands. The problems to be faced in the age of AI… And the solutions to adopt! Replacement of humans in content creation Let’s focus on quality rather Malaysia Data quantity. AI cannot replace us in this. Highlighting the mediocrity of the content produced so far We raise the standards of our content Google will respond directly to web users’ questions and appropriate the contents of our sites If Google becomes our competitor, let’s fight it by enhancing the brand and our distinctive values Risk of dependence on AI work We use AI to multiply our content, not to have it create it In conclusion The world is changing rapidly with the advent of artificial intelligence.

Machines can carry out many tasks for

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Us, but the real challenge is understanding how to Iran Phone Number them to best express ourselves, spreading messages that matter. Only in this way can we emerge from the background noise and be heard. Today and always full speed ahead! Take Aways… Artificial intelligence will change the world of business and marketing. You need to prepare to use these tools to your advantage, not just produce quantity content, but quality content. Quality content is more important than ever. AI can produce better texts than many humans. We need to focus on valuable content, not just quantity.

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