knowledge of the target audience is one of the fundamental factors not only in Internet marketing, but also in sales in general. To enter the online market competently, you need to know your product, namely: Advantages and disadvantages; price-quality ratio; what It is also necessary to define the audience benefit the product will bring to buyers.  to which we will offer the product in order to receive the most targeted traffic.

In the settings of such ads, keywords are

Selecting a contextual advertising Special Data tool Here, too, everything depends on your goals, that is, what you want to get from advertising campaigns. For example: search campaigns – hot traffic; YAN/KMS – warm/cold; media advertising – reach, brand awareness; retargeting/remarketing – returning visitors to the site. Dynamic Ads If the online store has a very large range of goods, and it is impossible to collect semantics for each position, then dynamic ads should be used.  not uploaded, but the site is indicated.

The system will analyze it and will

Show your ads for the necessary queries, automatically CZ Leads generating headings. KMS and YAN These types of campaigns allow you to deliver the necessary information to a wider range of users.  The recommended way to use them is to combine them. Remarketing, Retargeting and Dynamic Remarketing Remarketing (Google) and Retargeting (Yandex) are useful and essential tools for almost any type of business, as they help bring presumably interested customers back to the site.


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