How to start a cooking blog and make money from it

March 19, 2024

If you love cooking, starting a food blog is a great way to make money with your passion. Creating a food blog is in fact extremely simple and you don’t need specific skills to do it. In this guide I want to show you step by step how to open a cooking blog – even if it is your first experience and you don’t have any kind of computer skills, how to make it grow and how to start earning from it. Creating a blog doesn’t take much time (10-15 minutes max) so if you want to do it now, make sure you have some free time and follow all these steps in order , otherwise save the article as a favorite and come back to following.

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Your new food blog will already be Belgium Phone Number Data online and up and running. So, are you ready for this new adventure?  let’s get started! What are we talking about in this article? How to start a cooking blog in 5 steps create a cooking blog Let’s immediately see how to open a cooking blog . Put it online in a few minutes and start making it grow and monetize it. 1. Find the perfect blog name When we talk about blogging, a name is not just a name. Choosing the perfect name for your blog , in fact, can be a huge help in growing your blog and attracting a greater number of visitors.

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But how to choose a good name? Here are some tips: Choose a name Brazil Phone Number List that is easy to write, short and easy to remember Choose a name in the language of your audience . If you are addressing an Italian audience . Therefore opt for an Italian name or one that uses foreign words that are also commonly used in Italian Do not include numbers or hyphens in the name A good choice if you want to opt for a personal blog is to opt for your first and last name . You can also choose the name based on the niche you want to target .

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