Guest blogging what it is and how it helps SEO

March 20, 2024

If you have recently started a blog, you will surely have noticed how difficult it is to bring in consistent traffic. This is because we are in a very, very competitive era and to be able to make good numbers and earn money with a blog , it is necessary to create a solid and scalable strategy in the long term. In fact, it is no longer enough to write a few articles and wait for how it helps SEO people to find us, as happened about ten years ago. However, there are several techniques you can use to increase traffic, including On-page SEO, promoting your articles (and no, I’m not talking about advertising, you can do it for free) and above all guest blogging . And it is precisely about guest blogging that I want to talk to you today.

How to choose sites for your guest posts

We will see together what guest Iraq WhatsApp Number Data posting means, how guest blogging works and what its benefits are, how to write an effective guest post and how this technique can increase your visibility, your authority and your blog’s traffic. What are we talking about in this article? What is a guest post What is a guest post First things first: what is a guest post? A guest post (in Italian: guest article ) is simply content that we write for the blog of another website that is part of our market niche , often in exchange for a backlink, i.e. a link to our site.

 How to write an effective guest post

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Through guest posts we therefore Spain WhatsApp Number List obtain greater traffic on our blog and greater authority, both in our audience and in the eyes of Google, as well as creating stable and lasting relationships with other bloggers. The entire strategy of planning, writing, publishing, and monitoring guest posts is called guest blogging (or guest posting ). How to guest blog effectively Although someone said that guest blogging is dead (and by someone I mean Matt Cutts way back in 2014), in reality this practice is not only still alive and well but also brings excellent results from an SEO point of view.

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