Google search operators the complete list

March 19, 2024

Google search operators , also called by their English term advanced search operators , are commands that can help us a lot to make our searches on Google even more precise and more specific. These operators are very useful both if you want to refine your personal searches on the search engine and – above all – when we work on the SEO of our website. This is because narrowing searches can help us, for example, find new link building opportunities , find problems on websites, discover new possibilities for writing guest posts, and so on. So let’s see in more detail what Google’s advanced search operators are , what they are for, what they are and how to use them.

What are Google advanced search operators

First things first: what are Google’s advanced search Malaysia Phone Number Data operators and what are they for? Google’s advanced search operators are commands that we can give directly to Google to make our search even more precise and specific . I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you want to do a search but only want to find PDF results. Here then the “filetype:” operator will help us filter only the results in PDF. Or again, do you want to find only URLs that contain a certain term? You can do this with the “inurl:” operator. You can also combine multiple search operators to make your search even more specific.

What are we talking about in this article

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So with the operators we saw a moment ago, by combining them Malaysia Phone Number List together we can find among the search results all the PDF files that have a certain term in their URL. Really cool, don’t you think? There are so many Google search operators and unfortunately there is no definitive list . This is because Google is constantly changing its operators, adding new ones and making others no longer functional. As I find new Google search operators or search operators that no longer work, I will update this list. Here are all the main operators that seem to work without problems. What are Google’s search operators? Let’s see what the main Google search operators are and how to use them. site: One of the most commonly used search operators is “ site: ”, which allows you to find all the web pages of a particular website.

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