Google is starting to collect website data

March 25, 2024

And this Google is starting to collect website data  too, know that no, it’s nothing new. I already talked about this in my contribution to the book “Neurobranding” (a masterpiece by Mariano Diotto) published by Hoepli and it was 2020… And without too many turns do you know how it ends if you’re not careful? “Ok Google, what do you think, should I go to the bathroom now or is it better to wait a little longer?”.

Google will no longer be just the place

where we type our questions to get answers: it is revealing itself as a company, a competitor that will give the answers in place of me, yours and everyone on the web. It will be increasingly perceived by users as a real entity that has a weight, a clear influence on them. In short, Google like one of us. An algorithm that replaces you in numerous aspects. An evolution that puts us in front of a critical scenario, when you stop for a Russia Data to realize that, one day not so far away, when you will be under its commands, you could be the one to say to Big G: Google is thinking of stealing your contents. In short Big G is appropriating our words

Phone Data

drastically changing the relationship we all had India Phone Number him: from ally to competitor. You must carefully consider what the repercussions of these changes will be, especially in your digital marketing. If you don’t want to end up generating traffic for Google at your expense, you need to start thinking differently. You have no alternative. You can no longer do the same things you did ten years ago. You can no longer think about writing articles and making acquisitions in the same way. You must ask yourself how to approach marketing in a more strategic and targeted way, taking into account the changing digital landscape but always keeping control of artificial intelligence-based technologies. Because the fact that we created them does not automatically mean that it is easy to govern them. When using AI, you must have clear objectives.

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