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March 23, 2024

The 3 basic stages in the Buyer Journey are: Discovery: A person realizes that they have a problem and begins to investigate it. Consideration: In research, the person begins to explore all the solutions for their problem, lists them and analyzes them. Decision: The potential customer reduces their options and makes a decision. The Buyer Journey can take the form of a funnel, this is what we know as sales funnel. In this sense, The Go to Market strategy should be structured to plan how to move your potential customers through the funnel. This brings sales cycles shorter and faster sales closures.

Decision: The potential customer reduces their options

And speaking of the funnel, we now share Switzerland Phone Number List two free materials from our blog that you can lean on to manage your Buyer Journey with this tool. ¡Download them at the respective links! Seat to create a Sales Funnel; Complete book on how to master your different stages to the fullest. 5. Use Content Marketing One of the most effective ways to fill the funnel and attract the attention of your audience is the Content Marketing . Content is a powerful tool that helps you connect with prospects wherever they are in their Buyer Journey. It is the key to attract strangers and nurture them to become clients.

Complete book on how to master your different stages

How does Content Marketing work? Basically Vietnam Phone Number List its power to attraction resides in the investigation of keywords (or keywords) and the SEO (optimization for search engines). These cement the path that connects you with the public that is looking for products like yours. By identifying the keywords for your business, you can create and publish related content on your digital channels. But ¿What type of content works for each stage of the funnel? For the funnel medium content should be deeper and applied to learning.

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