Consistency in the transmission of the idea or concept

March 24, 2024

A campaign that helps understand this concept of consistency in transmission, overcoming the needs of adaptation, are those carried out by Apple to publicize the iPhone. At the launch of the iPhone 7, the company ran billboards in cities around the world showing off the capabilities of the device’s new camera. ADVERTISEMENT At the same time, the brand also advertised the device on several other channels, showing off its new features and operational capabilities, without forgetting, of course, the camera capabilities. Consumer reach on their favorite channel Brands must also be aware of variations in consumer channel preferences. ADVERTISEMENT Larger companies may have a heterogeneous audience, which requires strategies such as Multichannel Marketing, capable of reaching the audience on these various platforms.

While each consumer group is reached

Only in this way is it possible to cover Singapore WhatsApp Number List more and, at the same time, generate more awareness and commitment. In practice, we can say that Multichannel Marketing is the most democratic and convenient strategy for all types of audiences. More business opportunities Multichannel strategies also allow us to make the most of any campaign, generating almost infinite conversion possibilities in a given period of time. Regardless of whether it is a new product or a new concept, there is the possibility of exploring it in the most diverse possibilities, generating recognition and leading to many conversions.

Regardless of whether it is a new product or a new concept

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ADVERTISEMENT Named Astroworld, in Canada WhatsApp Number List reference to an amusement park (now out of activity) that the rapper frequented, the work gave rise to several products, disseminated in different campaigns, in different market segments and different channels. First, the album had a wide distribution campaign, on all possible channels, which in itself was already a success. After that, the strategy was to expand the possible products, taking the Astroworld brand to another level.  ADVERTISEMENT Therefore, Travis managed to advertise the Astroworld brand on the web, physically (with the festival and pop-up stores to sell merchandise) and digitally, within a game.

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