Build your map With the list completed

March 24, 2024

You can also add information such as: Technology provider: company responsible for service and contact links for service and support. Assets involved: types of data and documentation used for consultation, analysis and subsequent management. Responsible professionals: team leader using the tool or all employees and service providers involved. Build your map With the list completed, you only integrate the elements on the map, organizing them intuitively.

In the example below created by Uberflip

In the example below created by Uberflip, the tools were grouped according to the different activities present in a Digital Marketing Armenia WhatsApp Number List operation: creation, distribution, experience and insights. Look: Bitly, meanwhile, created a scheme focused on the customer experience and chose to centralize all marketing technologies in its data management platform ( DMP ). Also, various information is illustrated on the map. Such as traffic type. Link management and ( scripts for follow-up pages ). With a little creativity it is possible to go even further. As in the following model created by John Schott.

A very good model is also that of the technological giant Cisco

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In this example, the tools are grouped Canada Telegram Number according to their stage in the marketing cycle. A very good model is also that of the technological giant Cisco, which since 2017 has been disseminating the visualization of its toolkit worldwide through The Stackie Awards, an exclusive award for Marketing Stacks. In this piece, in addition to the whole idea of illustrating the customer day, the company too chose to further personalize it and include its region of origin, identified by Golden Gate in San Francisco, in the United States as context.

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