When doing a broken link analysis

March 23, 2024

Ahrefs vs other SEO tools: what are the advantages? Now, what happens when we put it in front of other SEO analysis tools. ¡See it with your own eyes! Ahrefs vs Google Search Console The first and obvious thing is that AWT can find over 100 common SEO When doing problems while in GSC is limited. Also, when it comes to repairing them, AWT provides a detailed report, while Google’s only gives you some solutions. As for backlinks, AWT shows you all the links that point to you, as well as those broken, SEO metrics and the types of links — nofollow, among others —. GSC the only thing that shows you are 1,000 backlinks and that’s it.

See it with your own eyes

Finally, AWT teaches you each keyword UK Phone Number List that positions your page, as well as their performance statistics, SERP details and comparisons between your keywords and those of your competitors. Google Search Console will only show you 1,000 keywords. Ahrefs vs SEMrush Another very popular tool is SEMrush, so let’s see what AWT offers that SEMrush doesn’t: the ATW platform is much simpler and more intuitive to use; provides more information on backlinks, such as an estimate of how many you should position for a KW.

What remains is that you take this opportunity to obtain

SEMrush barely introduced a similar tool; AWT Taiwan Phone Number List is far superior when doing a broken link analysis; without the need to do “ projects ” Ahrefs allows to analyze the broken links. SEMrush limits the number of projects you can complete; with AWT multiple users can access the account, instead, SEMrush limits the accounts to 1 and for each additional you must pay an extra. ¡You already know the most important thing about Ahrefs Webmaster Tools! What remains is that you take this opportunity to obtain a very robust amount of data to know in depth how your content and pages are behaving in terms of SEO.

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