Affiliate marketing what it is how it works how to earn money

March 20, 2024

Affiliate marketing is one of the best known and most used methods to earn online . It is something that has existed for many years but which had a boom after the advent of blogging. Consider that according to some statistics , 80% of brands have an affiliate program and that 40% of marketers in the world consider  an essential component for their business . This is because affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money with a blog and is considered a sort of passive income , meaning it can continue to bring you earnings over time even when you are not actively working on your project.

How to start doing affiliate marketing

And this is also why many Taiwan Phone Number Data bloggers use this type of monetization. I myself have been working with affiliates for many years and at the moment it is the monetization method that brings me around 80% of all my earnings . In this article we will delve deeper into the topic of affiliate marketing. We will see together what it is and I will reveal the most effective strategies for earning with , the best programs to join and how to optimize your earnings by sponsoring products and services.  What is  Let us give a simple definition of affiliate marketing .

What is affiliate marketing

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Affiliate marketing is an online USA Phone Number List method through. Which an affiliate promotes a product or service and in exchange earns a commission for each sale made. A win-win job, therefore, that we play together with the brands. I’ll give you a practical example. Let’s say you have a blog where you talk about books. You read a book that you particularly liked and decide to review it on your blog. You then decide to sign up for that book’s affiliate program and in exchange you get a particular link that tracks traffic from your blog to the brand you decided to affiliate with. Then write the book review in an article on your blog and add your affiliate link.

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