How does a hosting work

March 24, 2024

For example, a router responsible for the network where multiple computers connect to each other via an IP can also be considered a host. Therefore, if your company’s computers are also connected over the network using the same IP, we are talking about a host. But here in this article, we will focus on website hosting services and how they work. How does hosting work? Every time you open your browser and enter a website address, a connection is established with the server on which said site is hosted, so you can access it. Thanks to this process, the name of the website is converted into an IP address and all the content appears on your screen. For example, our website, r, is connected to a server through IP, which connects every time someone accesses it.

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Since each IP is unique, it is not Estonia WhatsApp Number List possible to have two different sites with the same URLs , as this would cause several different addresses to refer you to the same page on the web. In order to coordinate all this globally, that is, so that you can access any website anywhere in the world, there is an organization called ICANN (in Spanish Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). ADVERTISEMENT This entity is in charge of assigning domain names and IP addresses so that they function on the Internet worldwide.

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How important is website hosting? Are Italy Email List you going to create a landing page ? Do you want to give life to your ecommerce ? Well, regardless of the project, hosting plays a decisive role in ensuring that your website works perfectly and is always available to users . This was always an essential service for those who wanted to have an online presence , but with the advancement of digital transformation the relevance of this topic increased considerably. From the basic features of hosting to its security features, everything makes a big difference and is simply essential.

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